Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Code Giveaway for PS Vita! [WINNERS NOTIFIED IN COMMENTS]

Hey thanks to the great folks at Zen Studios, we have a couple game codes to give away for the Vita! Which region do you ask? Well, both EU and NA! Hooray for equality!

We just reviewed the game here and thought it was pretty cool! Now you, too, can enjoy the fun with a game code. I'm pretty sure once you download it to your Vita you can unlock it on your other PS consoles, but let's just say it's for the Vita.

In the comments below, please indicate which region you are from: EU or NA. I have one for each. I'll get this into your hands so you can wait in line for the movie and show off to all the other people how cool you really are. 

Comment below about which character you like the best in the movie. Also throw in which region you are from. NA or EU

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