PS Vita: Your Home for Indie Games

Some of you might have seen the PS Vita page on the US Playstation page... look inside for more info

Not to scare anyone, but if you look at the US Playstation page for the Vita link, you will see something forecasting the future of the Vita's software: Indie titles.

The newest banner for the Vita states: "Your Home for Indie Games." 
There is even a brand new channel on your PS Vita when you go to the Store: Indie Games. 

Don Mesa from Sony Computer Entertainment of America stated, “At PlayStation, we’re proud to support indie development, and our unrestrictive policies make it easier than ever for developers to launch games on PS Vita.”

“We recognize that the unique perspective that indie developers deliver contributes to the success and future of the gaming industry. And we’ve learned as much from working with talented indie developers over the last several years as (we hope) they have learned from us.”

This is the wave this year for Sony, and like it or hate it (and there are some loud haters), it's our future as Vita owners. 

Big promises for Gamescon for the Vita are building hype, but what can we expect? Sony states there are about 50 new Vita titles coming soon. They love devs. This video showcases some of the upcoming titles. 

So which Indie hits are you looking forward to? I've got my money on Counterspy! Comment below

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