Sony Confirms Gamescom "Will be a PS Vita show"

Good news on the horizon for the PS Vita at Gamescon? Read more inside!

Disappointed by the lack of focus on the PS Vita at this year's E3? Most people were. But did Sony notice this, and want to do something about it?

In a recent interview with Rey Gutierrez, Video Director for Sony, Sony's plans for Gamescom, Rey talks a lot about the PS4, but also about our handheld console, the PS Vita. 

Rey says: "I can safely say Gamescom is definitely going to be a PS Vita show, so you'll see."

Yes, we've heard hype like this before. Can we expect new games? With their new console, the PS4 coming out, I happen to think that they will be showing a PS4 game or two remote playing on the Vita and hopefully that "AAA" title they teased us awhile back.

 The actual Gamescon event will be in late August and we look forward to any news there.

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