E3 Announcements For the PS Vita That Would Turn Heads

One week from now and we'll be hearing about Sony's plans for the Vita this year. What do we want to hear, and what would help the handheld console...?

Excitement is mounting for E3, and all the rumors for our console, the PS Vita, are running wild. This could be the year of the Vita. Of course, we have heard these things before, so what do we hope to hear at E3 that would make it for the Vita?

Here are a few new things that would be great selling points:

A Price Drop
The price for the Vita in the US has stayed the same for as long as the device has been around. Sure, the 3G unit has had some drops, but on the Wifi model: nada. Enter this week. A lot of major retailers, including Best Buy, are offering $50 gift cards on Vita bundles. That is great, but why would they do that?

A great marketing technique is to unload some merchandise at a higher price if you are going to be dropping the price later. It may look like a deal now, but give it a couple of weeks, and we could have Vitas going for 170-200 bucks. My guess is these retailers know something.
I hope they know something about the memory cards dropping too.

Not an actual photo. This is only a dream. 

A Hefty Software Lineup
This has been teased for awhile now. There are "dozens" of titles coming. Yeah yeah yeah. We get the hype. To really sell Vitas these games will have to be exclusive, AAA titles. I'm not saying exclusive only to Playstation, I mean exclusive to the Vita. Having cross-platform saves is fun for titles that play the same on both PS3 and Vita, but it seems like an added perk to having a Vita, not a reason to buy one.

Throw in an exclusive big gun title like GTA, or Assassin's Creed, (and we already know Killzone) and people will want to buy a Vita to get that game.

It could happen. 

More PS4 Connectivity
Yes, the remote play between the Vita and PS4 is confirmed. All developers must program into every game this feature. This is huge for the Vita. The remote play should not stop there, however. A system where the PS Vita works alongside the PS4 would be amazing. There is the Playstation App that will hopefully be accessed through the Vita and other mobile devices to control certain aspects of games. Will the new games allow a sub-program to be run on the Vita so you can visit a pre-match lobby with your friends out of the real game? Maybe tweak characters on the fly?

A PS4 and Vita Bundle
What better way to push the connection between the two consoles than to bundle them together? This would be a big risk for Sony, but if you didn't have a Vita and wanted the full experience with the PS4, then a $500 bundle wouldn't be too crazy of an option. They might take an initial hit, but it could be a limited deal that would entice people. Especially if the software lineup increases for the Vita, then this would help push those sales.

These are a few things we hope to hear at E3 this year. Anything else you think would help boost Vita sales? Are you feeling the hype? Is it a good time to be a Vita owner? Comment below!

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