Super Time Force Ultra Coming to PS4 and PS Vita Next Week!

Did you know this crazy title was coming to the PS4 and Vita September 1st? Well, PS Plus subscribers get this gem for free and if you're on the fence about this, check out the following...

I'm super psyched to get my hands on this game on Tuesday, not only because the game is cross buy, has a Platinum Trophy, and lets you explode robots and/or dinosaurs and/or angels, but you can also unlock a slew of characters one of which is Dolphin Lundgren.

Ridiculous over the top action, clever humor, (read Capy's post on the US PS Blog), and the ability to be Shuhei Yoshida, president in game. 

Did I forget to mention this thing has dinosaurs? 

And mecharobotic mayhem? 

The animations look sublime. Check out this link to GIFSANITY! (a compilation of the team's GIFs)

Did I forget to mention a special unlockable character who wears a red scarf? Check out this trailer with some fun characters in it

If this game isn't a big hit I'll be surprised, but stay tuned and I will get on a review for it when I download it on Tuesday

What do you think, readers? Want to give this a shot? Let us know below!

PS Super fun cool fact: the abbreviation for the game is STFU. Nice.

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