Curses 'N Chaos Announced for PS4 and PS Vita

Ah, remember the good old arcades? Well, game developer Tribute does and is bringing you a tribute to that era, complete with co op goodness. Read on to see the game in action

Developer Tribute says Curses 'N Chaos plays like a classic arcade game. Kicking and punching with your hero of choice (Lea or Leo), collecting the many items that are dropped to be used in battle. In between battles, meet with an Alchemist named Allison to improve your items, strength, etc. Take a look at some of the game details:

• 2 Player couch/online co-op! Smashing monsters is way better with a friend!
• Mix and match ingredients and items to create powerful attacks, summons and the Elixir of Life itself! 
• Opening & Ending segments, Boss animations by Paul Robertson 
(Adult Swim capsules, 8-bit Simpsons, Mercenary Kings, Wizorb) 
• 10 Single-Screen Levels designed by St√©phane Boutin 
(Mercenary Kings, Wizorb, Scott Pilgrim VS The World)
• Supports cross-buy, cross-play and cross-save on PS4 and PS Vita
• Adhoc multiplayer on Vita and supports Vita TV with couch co-op

Of course you want to check out the action. Check out the trailer!

They've got some interesting things on their website, check that out, as well as a comic book on their blog! Read up before their August 18th release date, and looking at their website it looks like the game will go for about 10 bucks. 

What do you think, readers? Let us know below!

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