Lost Dimension: How to Spot a Traitor

Lost Dimension, an upcoming PS Vita title, has some interesting elements to it. Among them is "Deep Vision." Check out the following trailer to see what this means in the game...

I've had a chance to play a bit of this game and made it to the first traitor exposure/voting off the island...err, Tower.

In Lost Dimension, there are a bunch of randomly chosen traitors in your group of psychically gifted warriors, and they WILL turn against you in the final fight if you don't expose the traitor and "erase" them.

As the protagonist, you can actually psychically hunt through their thoughts and find out the truth. This is what is detailed in the above video. It is a mini game tracking the thoughts down. The only problem is you only have a limited number of chances to rifle through your coworkers' minds.

Take notes, people! You won't remember all the clues.

I will set up a preview with some gameplay in a video in a week (when the embargo lifts for previews).

Thanks readers! Comment below if this game sounds intriguing to you!

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