E3 Roundup: How Fares The Future of the Vita?

Did you hear those crickets when it came to the Vita at E3? Not to worry, folks. The system is still alive with games in development. Read on to hear some hope

Sony really focused on the PS4 this year at E3. New shiny games, Morpheus and all its possibilities. But what about our beloved handheld console?

I think in the "sizzle reel," I caught only one or two games. And even from the showcase floor the news was almost nonexistent. 

Check out this Playstation New Zealand video showing some of the upcoming titles we can look forward to. 

Come on Sony, Why didn't you show this off during the press conference? Let consumers know you care about the system?

The future for the Vita is not the once bright AAA title game playing system we thought it could be. The hardware is underutilized. Indies seem to be flooding the system. But big labels are still supporting it, though. Square-Enix with the World of Final Fantasy title. Koei Tecmo is bringing Samurai Warriors, Atlus has its Dancing All Night...

Readers! What do you think? Going to hold onto your Vitas? What games are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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