Dungeon Travelers 2: Intermediate Classes Introduced

Atlus USA brings this dungeon crawling RPG to the Vita this summer. Check out some of the intermediate classes and pre-order bonuses

Not really sure what the storyline is, but your characters start as one of five basic classes (Fighter, Magic User, Scout, Maid (?), and Spieler (again ?).  They have at least two new class options once they hit level 15. These intermediate options range from enhanced evolutions, such as Fighters becoming either Paladins or Berserkers to polar opposites, like the Scout that can become the ranged Archer or the melee Assassin. 

According to Atlus, you'll be able to experiment with character evolutions without having to feel locked into a decision. At a level 15 you can reset skills, redistribute, etc. That way you can try things out and see how characters play together. 

About the pre order bonus, there is a 17 month pin up calendar of the girls of Dungeon Travelers. As for how the game plays, we'll see this summer!

Readers! Let us know what you think. What intermediate class would you choose? 

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