Zen Pinball Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Review for PS Vita

Into pinball? Enjoyed the movie? You might just want to take this Zen Studios hit for a spin. Read on for our review: 

The Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron table will allow players to relive the struggle of Earth's mightiest heroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye against Ultron and his seemingly endless army. The table features dedicated game modes for each member of the Avengers team, including a first-person sharpshooting mini-game starring Hawkeye, a spectacular aerial melee combat sequence between Iron Man and Ultron, and selectable difficulty levels to cater to each player’s individual skill level.

If you've played any Zen pinball titles before, you know that the tables are created with care and precision. Here, the movie is captured pretty well. Voice actors are ok, the best is Stark's, even though it is just off enough from RDJ's delivery to make you notice. I heard a voice and wondered, "Is that Thor?" I still question it. The character lines are pretty cheeseball at times, too. 

When you miss a skill shot for example, Black Widow says: "Pull yourself together. We can't afford mistakes like this!" Every time. 

Like other tables they've made, this one is full of unlockables, little hidden ramps, missions... When a character's "mission" is active, the ball is changed to their signature colors. Seeing the stars on the ball let's you know you've got Cap's mission online. 

Compared to other pinball tables from Zen, this one doesn't seem to have the extras others do. It has a lot of bright neon lights and ramps and all, but something feels lacking. It is something you can only describe if you've played a solid table from them before. I'm a big fan of the Star Wars tables for many reasons and thus rank tables next to them. Age of Ultron falls a little short on the accessibility of the extras. 

It's hard to describe a pinball game without seeing it in action, so check out the game's trailer!

For $3 you really can't go wrong, though. Zen Studios has created, once again, a classy design that is fast-moving, fun to explore, and now accessible to three levels of difficulty. Plus, now you can have something to play while you're waiting in line to see the movie again!

7/10 Good fun, worth the small entry fee for the action. You might cringe at the character lines after a while, though. Action seems repetitive as you are blasting wave after wave of robots.  

Thanks, Zen Studios, for the code to review this title!

Are you a pinball wizard? Care to hulk out every once in a while? Readers, assemble! Share below if you'd drop some money to play this!

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