PSN Under $5 Flash Sale!

If you have been looking for some great games to pick up at low prices, check out this weeks PSN flash sales .............................................
This weekends PSN flash sales include games that are all priced under $5 for the PS3, PS4,  PS Vita and PSP. There are also some great movies that are available for $5 as well. For the PS Vita some of the best deals are, Little Big Planet ($4.86), Terraria (4.95), Dont Starve (4.95), Freedom Wars (4.80) and The Walking Dead 1st Season ($4.80). The best deal available here would probably be Freedom Wars which usually retails for $30, but all of these games are amazing. I already picked up Don't Starve, one of my favorite survival style games which I had already played on PC. Check out the complete list below, and happy deal hunting!

TitlePlatformSale PriceOriginal Price
Ace Combat Assault HorizonPS3$4.80$19.99
Air Conflicts: Pacific CarriersPS3$4.80$19.99
Alter EchoPS3$4.90$9.99
Battlefield 3PS3$4.80$19.99
Battlefield Bad Company 2PS3$4.80$19.99
Borderlands 2PS3$4.80$19.99
Burnout ParadisePS3$4.95$14.99
Ducktales: RemasteredPS3$4.95$14.99
Frozen Synapse PrimePS3$4.80$19.99
I Am AlivePS3$4.95$14.99
Injustice: Gods Among UsPS3$4.80$19.99
Krinkle KrusherPS3$4.00$9.99
LittleBigPlanet 2PS3$4.80$19.99
LittleBigPlanet KartingPS3$4.80$19.99
Mamorukun Curse!PS3$3.50$9.99
Mass Effect TrilogyPS3$4.80$29.99
Medal Of Honor WarfighterPS3$4.80$19.99
Moto GP14PS3$4.80$39.99
Mx Va. Atv AlivePS3$4.80$19.99
Nascar ’14PS3$4.50$49.99
NBA Jam: On Fire Edition / NFL Blitz – BundlePS3$4.80$19.99
Need For Speed Hot PursuitPS3$4.80$19.99
Need For Speed The RunPS3$4.80$19.99
Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White WitchPS3$4.80$19.99
Okami HdPS3$4.90$13.99
Pac-Man MuseumPS3$4.80$19.99
PlayStation All-Stars Battle RoyalePS3$4.80$19.99
Prince of Persia ClassicPS3$3.50$9.99
Prince of Persia Sands of Time HDPS3$4.95$14.99
Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones HDPS3$4.95$14.99
Prince of Persia Warrior Within HDPS3$4.95$14.99
Raiden IV: OverKillPS3$4.80$19.99
Red Faction ArmageddonPS3$4.80$19.99
Red Faction GuerillaPS3$4.80$19.99
Terraria Full Game UnlockPS3$4.95$14.99
The Jackbox Party PackPS3$4.75$24.99
The Raven – Legacy of a Master ThiefPS3$4.50$29.99
The Walking Dead – Season PassPS3$4.95$14.99
The Walking Dead: The Complete First SeasonPS3$4.80$19.99
Tiny BrainsPS3$3.50$9.99
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Chaos Theory HDPS3$4.95$14.99
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell HDPS3$4.95$14.99
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow HDPS3$4.95$14.99
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HDPS3$4.95$14.99
Wheel of FortunePS3$4.80$19.99
Zombie Driver HDPS3$4.00$9.99
Don’t Starve: Console EditionPS4$4.95$14.99
Don’t Starve: Console Edition + Reign of Giants ExpansionPS4$4.94$18.99
Escape Goat 2PS4$4.00$9.99
Krinkle KrusherPS4$4.00$9.99
Nano Assault NEO-XPS4$4.00$9.99
Peggle 2 Magical Masters EditionPS4$4.95$14.99
Pure Chess Complete BundlePS4$3.60$14.99
Pure PoolPS4$4.80$19.99
Super Mega BaseballPS4$4.80$19.99
Terraria: PS4 EditionPS4$4.80$19.99
The Walking Dead: The Complete First SeasonPS4$4.75$24.99
The Wolf Among UsPS4$4.75$24.99
Tiny BrainsPS4$3.50$9.99
Trials FusionPS4$4.80$19.99
FlowerPS4 / PS3 / Vita$1.40$6.99
Monster Hunter Freedom UnitePSP / Vita$4.80$19.99
NBA 2K13PSP / Vita$4.80$19.99
Prince of Persia RevelationsPSP / Vita$3.50$9.99
Prince of Persia Rival SwordsPSP / Vita$3.50$9.99
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten SandsPSP / Vita$4.80$19.99
Street Fighter Alpha 3 MaxPSP / Vita$3.50$9.99
TekkenPSP / Vita$4.95$14.99
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell EssentialsPSP / Vita$3.50$9.99
Don’t Starve: Giant EditionPS Vita$4.95$14.99
Freedom WarsPS Vita$4.80$29.99
Frozen Synapse PrimePS Vita$4.80$19.99
Hot Shots Golf: World InvitationalPS Vita$4.99$13.49
KickBeatPS Vita$3.50$9.99
Krinkle KrusherPS Vita$4.00$9.99
LittleBigPlanetPS Vita$4.86$17.99
Mortal KombatPS Vita$4.80$19.99
MotoGP14PS Vita$3.90$29.99
NidhoggPS Vita$4.95$14.99
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HDPS Vita$4.95$14.99
Soul Sacrifice DeltaPS Vita$4.86$17.99
TerrariaPS Vita$4.95$14.99
The Walking Dead: The Complete First SeasonPS Vita$4.80$19.99
TitleSD Original Rental PriceSD Rental
Sale Price
HD Original Rental PriceHD Rental Sale Price
Act of Valor$3.99$2.99$4.99$3.99
Brick Mansions$3.99$2.99$4.99$3.99
Devil’s Knot$3.99$0.99$4.99$1.99
Earth to Echo$4.99$2.99$5.99$3.99
Frankenstein Vs The Mummy$3.99$0.99$4.99$1.99
Hacker Wars$3.99$0.99$4.99$0.99
Jimi: All is by My Side$3.99$0.99$4.99$0.99
Left Behind$2.99$0.99$3.99$0.99
Outcast US$3.99$0.99$4.99$0.99
Resident Evil$2.99$2.49$3.99$2.49
Sword of Vengeance$6.99$1.49$7.99$1.49
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles$3.99$1.49$4.99$1.49
The Rewrite$3.99$0.99$4.99$1.99
These Final Hours$2.99$1.49$3.99$1.49
Think Like a Man$2.99$2.49$3.99$2.49
Top 5$4.99$1.49$5.99$1.49
Vengeance of an Assassin$2.99$1.49$3.99$1.49

What are you going to pick up from this PSN flash sale? Let us know below!


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