April 17, 2015

PS Vita Exclusive 'Severed' Announced

Severed is a brand new indie PS Vita exclusive that is coming soon...............

Severed follows the story of a girl who wakes up and discovers that her arm has been severed. You must then go on a journey to figure out what happened to your lost appendage. Enemies players face will have many limbs that you must severe in order to defeat them. Severed is a first person game with a unique art style similar to Gucamelle . Severed will be available later this year and will only be available on the PS Vita.

Are you interested in Severed? Let us know below!

Source: http://venturebeat.com/2015/04/16/creepy-indie-title-severed-will-debut-on-the-playstation-vita-hands-on-preview/

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