Four Brand New PS Vita Games Coming This Week!

This week there will be 4 new PS Vita games available for purchase on the PlayStation Store..............

The 4 New PS Vita games being released this week are,

  • Best of Arcade Games- Deluxe Edition 
  • Bloxiq 
  • Medevil Defenders
  • Titan Souls 

Best of Arcade Games has 4 different arcade games that you can play on the PS Vita. The arcade games that are available are Brick Breaker, Bubble Buster, Tetraminos and Air Hockey.

Bloxiq is a game of matching certain color blocks with other blocks of the same color. There are various obstacles that player have to work their way around as well.

Medevil Defenders is a classic tower defender style game, where players must defend their castle from enemy invaders.

Last but not least, there is also Titan Souls, which is available as cross-buy between PS Vita and PS4. Titan Souls is a challenging 8 bit adventure game. You must defeat titans with a lone arrow that you can shoot at them. All 4 of these games will be available on the PlayStation Store this week.

Are you interested in any of these games? Let us know below! 


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