Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype US Code Giveaway! [Winners notified in the comments!]

EastAsiaSoft generously sent us some codes to pass on to you for this Vita/PS3 Title. This includes both the game and the DLC, so read on and comment below for winning!

Hopefully by now you've read that Soldner-X 2: Prototype is coming to the Vita tomorrow. You best get your thumbs ready for this 'schmup because I've been playing it all week and they're tired!

You're going to see this happen to your ship a lot if you don't practice!

Comment below for a chance to win a code (I've got several!). Remember, these are SCEA codes. 

What is your favorite 'schmup? Why do you want to win this title? Etc. I'll have my review up soon for the game, and the winners announced on Friday!

Comment below for a chance to win!

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