Soldner X-2 Final Prototype Launching onto the Vita this Month

Ready for finger blistering action on the Vita? This release will be a beautiful thing to pick up later this month. 

On March 17th and 18th (US and EU) Vita owners will be able to blast away giant ships and robots at 60 FPS. Don't like load times? Don't worry, there will be next to none with this title.

Did you happen to pick up this title back in the day on your PS3? Well good news, this title is cross-buy PS3/PS Vita. 

Some DLC will be available at this time, too, called "The Last Chapter," The game will launch at $10 and the DLC will be $5 or bundle them for $13. 

Check out the trailer just released to witness some of the mayhem you will encounter on your handheld. 

What do you think, people? Are you ready? Let us know below!

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