Minutes PS Vita Review

Minutes is a game of cat and mouse, except with circles and lines...............................

Minutes is a beautifully minimalist game that gets increasingly more difficult as you progress. There are 60 different levels that are all 3 minutes long.
Minutes Main Menu
The main goal in Minutes is to navigate your circle away from black lines and collect white lines. Hitting to many black lines will end the game, while hitting white lines will give you points. The controls are fluid and easy to pick up as well. The right and left bumber are used to shrink and grow your circle depending on the situation. The Left control stick is used to move and the face buttons are used to enable power ups. Players can also choose from 6 different control schemes if they feel the default one does not suit them.

Default Controls
 The first few levels are nice and easy, but the later levels become much harder. On top of that you also need to collect a certain amount of points form each level in order to progress. Players are awarded more points for completing a game perfectly without hitting any black lines and collecting all of the white lines. Avoiding black lines will require pure control and precision. Collect to many black lines a black square inside your circle will grow until your circle explodes.

Avoid the Black Lines
Increased Difficulty!
Although minutes is a very simple idea, it is definitely not an easy game. For those of you that are completionists, getting a perfect score on some levels will require replaying it over and over again until you do it perfectly. The game runs and looks great on the vita. Minutes is a cross buy title which means you get both the PS Vita and PS4 versions for $7.99. Minutes has a download size of 173MB as well.

Final Conclusion

Minutes is a great pick up and go game that challenges players to beat every level perfectly. The minimalist design also adds a great aesthetic to the game. Every level as you progress becomes harder and harder to beat. My only gripe with Minutes is its price. For those of you that only own a PS Vita like me the price should be below $5. If you have both a PS Vita and PS4 you would be able to play Minutes on both consoles.

Remember the score below take into consideration the games price.

Final Score- 9/10

Adrian Mclure is one of our writers who loves to game and has been an avid PS Vita fan since launch.

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