PSVitaHub Partners With Leaptrade for Cheap PS Vita Games!

Tired of getting horrid prices for your PS Vita games at Gamestop? Then check out Leaptrade where you can trade games for close to retail price............

If you've been visiting the site you can see the large Leaptrade ad on the side, this is because we are proud to sponsor a new service which prevents you from getting ripped of by Gamestop when trading in your games.

The awesome new platform includes the following trade system:

Trading Platform:
Our trading platform allows for three different types of trades.
Basic Trade:  A “Basic Trade” is a trade of a game for Leaptrade credit. One user receives credit while the other user receives a game. You can only trade Leaptrade credit for a game if you have enough credit to cover the value of the game.
Instant Trade: An “Instant Trade” is a trade of one game for another. So, you provide one game and get another game in exchange. No credit is exchanged in an Instant Trade.
Friend 2 Friend Trade:  A “Friend to Friend (F2F) Trade” is a customized trade created by two LeapTrade users who have added each other as friends. LeapTrade friends can create trades with different combinations of games and LeapTrade credit. For example, you can trade two games from your library for a single game from another user's library. You can also trade a game and LeapTrade credit for another game, or receive a game and LeapTrade credit for your one game.

Leaptrade ensures that the month old game you purchases for $60 will not be taken from you for a measly $15 from GameStop.

With the other retailers, you are lucky to get $25 for a game that’s worth $60, and with Leaptrade you get the full value towards a new game. That money really starts to add up, with the typical gamer saving over $300 a year. That’s almost an entire new console or half a console if you want a Kinect.

So be sure to check out and don't worry courtesy of them we will be starting OUR BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER! this includes tons of retail PS Vita games such as Minecraft and Freedom Wars and maybe even a console :P

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