MechRunner for PS Vita and PS4 Delayed Until Early 2015

MechRunner, a game funded by kickstarter, will be released in early 2015 for PS Vita and PS4..................

MechRunner takes endless runner style gameplay and combines it with robots and explosions! Players control a robot that is able to shift from a tank mode to a battle mode. In tank mode the robot is slower, but has heavy weapons that can breakthrough enemy defenses. In battle mode the tank turns into a  standing robot, wielding two swords. Battle mode allows for more control and the ability to slice enemies up with your swords.

Tank Mode
Battle Mode
MechRunner is being released on many platforms, but the PS Vita and PS4 version will not be released until early 2015. MechRunner will probably cost $10 on release, since $10 on Kickstarter will get you either a Steam code for Mac and PC or a code for PS4 and PS Vita when it is released. If you want to help out the creators of MechRunner a Kickstarter link will be available down below!

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