Gravity Rush 2 PS Vita Development Confirmed

Gravity Rush 2 is currently in development for PS Vita..........................
Gravity Rush 2 is the sequel to the extremely popular third person action game that was made exclusively for PS Vita. Although Gravity Rush 2 was announced at the Tokyo Game Show, there has been no information on the game until now.

Rumours suggested that the game was going to ditch the PS Vita and be designed exclusively for PS4 however the tweet confirmed this as false.

In a recent tweet from Ask Playstation, they said that Gravity Rush 2 "Is designed for the PS Vita". Gravity Rush featured great art style, innovative touch controls, great physics and creative gameplay. Hopefully Gravity Rush 2 will have all the features from the original Gravity Rush that players loved!

Is Gravity Rush 2 your most anticipated game of 2015? Let us know below!


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