Spiky Fish Games Announces Sketchcross Exclusively for PlayStation Vita

Ready to be challenged by a deep and complex nonogram puzzle game? Sketchcross, exclusive to the PS Vita, will be coming out early 2015. Read on!

To be honest, I hadn't heard about "nonograms" before this posting. Taking cues from Sudoku and Crosswords, SketchCross challenges players to form pictures using number clues. Sketchcross is simple to learn yet hard to master, with over 50 unique puzzles at launch.

Why come out exclusive to the Vita? “The PlayStation Vita is the perfect platform for Sketchcross,” said Kendal Cormany, CEO and Lead Programmer of Spiky Fish Games. “We looked at the market and despite nonograms being a popular and fast growing puzzle style, there isn’t a title on PlayStation Vita yet. We’re avid gamers and it just seems like a perfect fit to bring Sketchcross to the platform.” 

Intelligent people making intelligent marketing choices. 

Puzzles come in a wide variety of themes and sizes, from 5x5 shapes to 30x30 animals; Sketchcross has a lot of variety and will appeal to players of all ages. After completing each puzzle, the game rewards the player with a 3D trophy of the puzzle answer and lets the player compare completion times with friends and the world using the PlayStation®Network leaderboards.

Frenzy mode adds a new timed challenge to the classic puzzle. In Frenzy mode, the player has limited time to complete a randomly generated 5x5 puzzle. It’s a race against the clock for logic and pattern recognition.

Sketchcross Features:
  • 50+ levels
  • Sketchbook art style
  • Time leaderboards to compete with friends and the world
  • Unique 3D trophy rewards to collect
  • Frenzy mode with timed random puzzles
  • Utilization of PlayStation®Vita’s touch controls and face buttons

Seems like a great way to spend some time riding a train, waiting for a bus, or whatever. Also, I like to introduce games to my kids, and puzzle games are easier to convince my significant other that it is ok for them to have some screen time. 

What do you think, reader? Comment below if you have played any nonogram games or if this sounds intriguing. 

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