Hatoful Boyfriend Flying On To PS4 and PS Vita in 2015

Have you ever wondered, "When will a game be released where i can make friends with birds?", well wonder no more! Bird dating simulator Hatoful Boyfriend is coming to PS4 and PS Vita..............

You may have heard of Hatoful Boyfriend before. It received plenty of interesting "lets plays" on youtube, for its unique story. Players play as the only human at a school filled with other bird students and teachers. You can make friends and enemies with other bird students and hopefully find your true love with another bird. If you still are not convinced, Hatoful Boyfriend received a higher score then Destiny in Gamespots review of the two games. Hatoful Boyfriend is scheduled to be released in 2015 on both PS4 and PS Vita.

Will you be picking up Hatoful Boyfriend? Let us know below!

Source: http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2014/11/24/avian-dating-sim-hatoful-boyfriend-romances-ps4-ps-vita-2015/

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