FIFA 15 does what it promises

Fifa details inside............

The superb TV ad for FIFA 15 is very clever at claiming the latest incarnation of the officially-ratified soccer game puts you in the action in a way that no other football game has ever done.

It’s even backed up by one Lionel Messi playing the game at home, taking a flying volley and hitting the back of the net from his own front room and on the actual pitch. It’s a great ad and it doesn’t over promise. Get hold of a copy of FIFA 15 for yourself and you’ll soon see what we mean.

From FIFA 14, it was difficult for all but the absolute purists to understand how EA Canada could really improve the game-play, but they’ve done it in spades.

Of course, if you love your football and you love your gaming, you’re simply going to buy FIFA 15 anyway – so any detailed description is kind of ‘moot’. But that doesn’t stop the new version, released across the globe in September, from being simply sublime.

If you love everything about football from your chosen domestic league or leagues, you love your football betting, you watch all the games you can – and you enjoy replicating unlikely matches between clubs, this really is the game for you.

FIFA 15 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, has been developed by EA Canada - and was published by Electronic Arts.

Its whole basis is that FIFA 15 puts you closer to the action than any other game ever. With the latest version, you’re able to select from hundreds of different teams from different leagues all around the world.

The improvements in game-play make ball possession feel different from FIFA 14. Specifically, it all feels much more realistic and much less kind of “pre-determined” than previously. This, in turn, makes tackling and dribbling with the ball far more difficult but also much truer to the real thing. The new version also feels a lot more physical and you can brush off tackles, keeping the ball at your feet – as you get you used to the game and improve of course - which FIFA series aficionados will really lap up.

The ball travels differently with FIFA 15 as well – and this takes a little getting used to but is well worth the extra efforts as it opens up a whole new range of shooting and passing possibilities.

So it’s almost all positive as far as the teams and the game-play are concerned. But if we have to be al little critical, then perhaps the career mode is disappointing in that it hasn’t been given the greater depth many of us would like to have seen. The main additions are that game players are now able to set specific instructions for virtual players. So, for example, you could make a player always run on for the overlap pass – amongst other options. These are excellent and add a welcome new dimension for those of us who like to delve ever deeper, improving our game continually. And the game does offer that depth of possibility. But at the same time – it would have been nice for fans to be able to go even further in this regard.

Otherwise, the new game is as a good as a game should be when it carries with it the official FIFA endorsement. And it certainly lives up to its billing; you feel like you’re on the pitch more than any other game so far.

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