Where do Vita players go when they want to play casino?

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Anyone who chooses their PS Vita as their portable gaming device of choice will find they have access to a wide range of different gaming experiences, but one area that seems to be a little lacking on the PS Vita are any games that could be considered to be gambling games.
With the smartphone rapidly becoming the most popular platform from which to game while on the move, it would seem like it makes good senses for Sony to introduce more games like casino classics roulette, blackjack and baccarat as well as ‘lighter’ gambling games such as bingo and keno. Currently there are a few casino-based games that can be played at the PS Casino and there’s also bingo on there too. However, the magic of these games is lost when you realise you can’t play for real cash – you end up wondering what the point of playing is. 
Of course, there’s always the alternative for a PS Vita owner to switch to their mobile to play real casino or bingo games. All the major gaming sites like 888bingo, Gala Bingo and Costa Bingo offer a wide range of mobile-friendly games. Click to play here at costabingo.com and you’ll see that as well as bingo, there’s a range of casino games in the Cashino section of the site. Favourites such as roulette and blackjack can be found along a wide variety of slots games including Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune slots and Starburst. 
However, if you only want to experience casino and bingo games on your PS Vita, there are always PS Vita games like Card Shark. This was one of the Minis games and it includes five different games – Solitaire, Blackjack, Five Card Draw, Texas Hold’em and Higher or Lower. The graphics aren’t great on these and of course, you’re only playing for fun, not real, money.
You can also get a download version of PSP Payout Poker & Casino, which had a wider selection of games (12 of them) and included slots, craps and baccarat. The PSP Hard Rock Casino game is also available as a download and features 20 games, so edging a little closer to the breadth of choice that the online casinos offer in their mobile games range.
With the online casinos offering such a wide and varied choice of mobile games, you’d think that Sony would want to expand its selection of casino and bingo games, especially given the fact that via the PS Vita’s internet connection, players could then take part in tournaments with friends. However, until the possibility to play with real money on the PS Vita comes along, the virtual money alternatives to online casino are unlikely to win over a huge number of players.
For now, it’s probably best to play casino or bingo with the online operators using your smartphone and save other types of gaming for the PS Vita.

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