Platformer, Fenix Rage is Coming to PS Vita and PS4

Fenix Rage will be coming to PS4 and Vita in early 2015...............

Fenix Rage was originally slated for a PS4 release, but it will now also be made for the PS Vita. Fenix Rage is a hardcore platformer that is currently available on PC. The game includes 2D graphics with challenging maps that players must learn in order to win. Don't just take my word for the difficulty of the game, listen to the developers description from their website.
"From Green Lava Studios, Fenix Rage is an inspired, frenetically-paced, challenging, and aggressively addicting 2D action platformer that will keep one’s palms sweaty, thumbs fatigued, and wits sharp."

Are you prepared for Fenix Rage?  Let us know below!


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