Jaggy Race PS Vita! Now Available For Purchase

Indie developer Tiziano Bizzini talks you through his epic new game for PS Vita...........

T Bizzini:
Maybe some of you already know Jaggy Race for iOS (now called AeroDrift), a one-player 2.5D speed-platform racing game based on gravity, released in September 2011 by SevenOnly.
About 3 man-years of work were needed to put Jaggy Race together. Tons of prototypes and lot of testing before finding the right way and obtain the actual smooth and enjoyable gameplay as desired (see the video link at the end of the article).
But unfortunately things went not exactly as expected, SevenOnly had to close and the project was splitted in two parts. I then decided to continue it as Jaggy Race! and the porting to PS Vita is just a new beginning of a new beginning.

The first version of Jaggy Race! for PS Vita, published as a PSM game, is in fact the direct porting of AeroDrift, containing 36 unique and hand-made tracks divided into 6 themed worlds, each with a dedicated background music.

But what exactly is a 2.5D speed-platform racing game?
When you play for the first time Jaggy Race!, you'll immediately realize that it isn't a classic racing game, but you actually have to beat your own times by running on your kart. It's not even a classic platforming game, although you have to go forth, backwards and jump. All this by defying a 360° gravity within a 2D side-scrolling gameplay in a full 3D environment.

Besides the racing part, where the focus is more on speed and times, there are also 60 sheep-achievements which require rather precision and memory. There are two kind of sheep-achievements for each regular track.
To earn the first kind, you have to avoid all the sheep by keeping your sheep-counter to zero and reach the end of the track before time's over. The second one is exactly the opposite, kick (move) all the sheep and reach the end in time...easier said than done!

I personally find Jaggy Race! a pretty challenging game. But of course I'm the developer, the players and judges are you.
If you like games in which timing, reaction and memory skills are needed, or if you're simply looking for a new challenging and quick game for your PS Vita, I would say that Jaggy Race! is made for you.

Furthermore, I would also like to add an important news about the price:
To better fit the PSM store average price, starting from October 15th 2014 the price is planned to be halved!

And last, but not least, I can also say that there's already some work in progress for the update 1 that will be released soon.

Thank you very much for reading and for your support.
Wish you tons of fun,

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