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Zen Pinball is a game our very own writer Steve reviewed and enjoyed the game, he stated that the action was sublime and very well set up, however he criticised it for being too repetitive later on, surprisingly he disliked the fact that because of the small screen factors in the game can be a bit difficult to spot.

There are many other versions of Zen pinball available also. You can play games such as the walking dead version.

Steve also reviewed the Walking Dead edition he also stated it was a quality game especially if you take into account it is very cheap.

Many pinball games in the modern age do not seem to evoke the type of response this game does, zen pinball has a very classic feel to it which you do not see often.

Zen Pinball is also quite graphically intensive, though it may not look like it the amount of colours this game renders is crazy, its also quite sharp and generally the presentation on the OLED screen looks great.

The biggest Zen Pinball game is Guardians of the Galaxy, this is based on the film of the same name. The film in my opinion was fantastic mainly due to it having a sublime cinematography and not only this but the sound and music was good it featured many classic songs from the 80s which truly suited the feel of the film.

Another factor why Zen Pinball is a great game is the whole ability to quickly download this game via Playstation Network rather than having to go to the store and purchase it. Not only this but from the low price of $3 you cannot fault this game, even if it contains many issues you can understand them because the game only cost $3.

The Deadpool pinball edition has been suffering from some ccriticismlately mainly due to the game not truly being an enjoyable experience due to it containing many aspects that are almost identical to the last version.

One issue in modern gaming is the fact that these games are too short like the Deadpool version and do not feature enough content to keep you entertained for a while however this might be expected since its only a $3 game however we still belive it should have more content.

However this is just our opinion, if you like you can comment below with what you belive the price of games should be.

You can view some gameplay in the video and decide if you want to purchase the game from the Playstation Store for the low low price of only $3

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