Walking Dead Zen Pinball Review for PS Vita

Need some shambling with your pinball? Zen Studios brings another franchise to its Pinball series... read our review for your braaaaiiinnns.....

If you're familiar with Zen Pinball, then you know the quality of the tables that they bring out about once a month. From Star Wars to Marvel, and now Telltale games with the Walking Dead. How is the quality of this versus other tables? You'll tell right away that the game looks just like Telltale's. They managed to get the voice actors from game and the graphics and locations are spot on.

Now, how can someone make a pinball game have the same feel as a creepy horror game? It's all the little things that add up. The music, the lighting, the environments, and the occasional zombie groans and doors shoved open when you least suspect it. 

Again, if you've played Zen Pinball before, you know that sometimes there are multi levels of the table that you can reach after you unlock a certain amount of triggers. Here you have a sniping session, and a mini escape from a locked room. 

One of the most memorable things from the actual game was having to make split second decisions that would decide someone's fate. And someone would always remember your decision. That happens here, where you'll have to "choose the left flipper to save Duck" or someone else. 

The story progresses within the pinball game, as you can select the chapters to play "A New Day" and "Starved for Help." Just like the other game. That was a nice touch. 

If you like pinball and zombies, there is no reason not to pick this up! Plus, the plunger is an ax. 

$3 is a nominal fee to pay for a quality game. Sure, some people might get bored, but if you really like the difficulty of Zen's pinball games, this one follows suit. You'll be practicing your flipper skills to reach all story levels and head for the top of the leaderboards. 

Thanks Zen Studios for the review code!

Readers, will you pick this up? Write a comment below! 

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