Final Fantasy PS Vita Could Happen If There is Enough Demand

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has revealed that PS Vita could possibly get a full fledged Final Fantasy title............

Speaking to IGN Hajime Tabata the director for FFXV expressed his desire to make a Final Fantasy PS Vita game, excluding remakes and mobile games.

He then said if it did occur it will be a game focused on multiplayer and co-op elements:
“The potential is always there, but I’ve been making games recently on console,” he said. “Hypothetically, personally speaking, if I were to work on a Final Fantasy game for, say, the Vita platform, I would love to implement elements of co-op play and versus play, and have a Final Fantasy that has roots in allowing for people to play together."

Tabata said he would bring only the best in the device.
“to make the most use of the best specs on the current hardware. Of course, I’ve worked on titles on handheld, and I’d aim for the best quality on a limited screen size and try to bring out the best in the device.”
He then confirmed the possibility of the game is all up to fan demand “and if Square Enix is willing to stand by that demand and follow through.”

So everybody tweet

"Fans want an original Final Fantasy game for PS Vita!" or something along those lines to the above account.


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