August 07, 2014

Velocity 2X Blasting Onto the Vita and PS4 in September!

Futurlab brings its sequel straight to the PS4 and Vita next month. Get excited!

I got an early copy of Velocity 2X and I'll share my review in a month after I digest all the sweet new features. Check out their newest trailer featuring some new gameplay mechanics, particularly the on-foot segments.

The game releases September 2nd and 3rd in NA and EU respectively.

Got some questions for me? I'd love to answer any questions you might have... short of me breaking the review embargo. Fire away in the comments!


Gigueur said...

Wow! I love fast game like that!

Orpheus010 said...

this is great news and all, but where are all the AAA games? sony promised vita will be getting alot more games but instead we get indie games! Screw these 2d indies, they are poisoning the vita's market and making it look like not only a ps4 accessory but a system meant for indie. All of you should be boycotting this crap, we need AAA not don't starve or fez which i can already play on pc.

Orpheus010 said...

Each time i come to vita Hub, The only news there is is about freaking indie crap, which quite frankly, sucks bad.

Prometheus said...

I am curious what the result would be if Sony treated the US market like they treat the Japanese market. Maybe the reason why sales haven't picked up in the US like Sony wants is because they aren't willing to invest in the US consumer enough to stimulate interest beyond the established PSP user base. The other issue is that PSP is still a good mobile gaming console. I just sold my PSP Slim (like a month ago), and got $100 for the console, a few memory cards, two cases, two UMD cases, some extra cords, an extra battery, about 10 games, and probably 25 movies I bought used at GameStop. No, it's nowhere near what all that cost, but the unit is 7 years old!

Sony needs to give PSP users a reason to upgrade. There are 10.5 million PSP owners as of 2008 and that unit just stopped shipping in the US in January of 2014. As recent as the Christmas shopping season in 2013, Vita was still being outsold by the PSP in the US. Sony made a great product in the Vita, but they made some serious mistakes in how they launched it in the US.

For one, the US is still in a steep economic situation. It started prior to the Vita's launch, and it is still ongoing. PSP owners who had built up a catalog of UMD movies and games were presented with the powerful and impressive Vita, that answered many of their desires for a new Sony device, but left them out in the cold with their existing content. Sony provided no mechanism for PSP owners to take their games and movies with them to Vita. For PSP owners to play their already purchased God of War title on the Vita, they had to re-buy it. For some games, like Kingdom Hearts, they couldn't even buy it ... it was unavailable.

PSP required memory cards and cables and such, and if you owned the console you likely owned at least a moderate mix of accessories. Sony didn't answer that either. The memory cards had to be replaced. None of the cables worked with Vita. The Vita didn't even have a video out option like the PSP did (not a huge issue to many PSP owners, but I used it a lot when travelling).

Ultimately, I got a bonus at work and decided to bite the bullet in hopes Sony was going to continue developing the value proposition for Vita. Much of the PSP catalog is now available for Vita, but the PS3 catalog seems to only be available through the PS Now program, which I'm not paying for. I really like my Vita, but I am very frustrated with Sony. I think they are really causing their own issues. Vita sales aren't down because of 3DS or Shield or anything else. They are down because the 10.5 million of us that bought PSP aren't all sold on the value proposition for Vita. Sony should have been able to convert those owners with little effort, but they didn't even try. It was truly pathetic.

If Vita dies in the US, it will be entirely because Sony leadership lacked the vision and competence to meet the market in a value proposition that gave buyers a reason to purchase. They just didn't. Even now, their game release calendar gives potential buyers little reason to invest.

mugen jin said...

i agree with this guy i still dont see why i sld my psp for a vita other than the fact that they stopped releasing games for the psp. and none of old favourites are in the store dragon ball z shin budakai, naruto ultimate ninja impact or the others

Sebastian Yurjevic said...

Dude, seriously stop with this AAA shit. We know, we get the concept. Sony fucked up, lost key support at launch, underestimated the tablet market, overcharged for their memory cards, and the exclusives that did get developed were underwhelming and killed the buzz. The vita is dead as a western AAA exclusive machine, get over it. What WILL you get? Shit load of indies, ports from other platforms, cross buy releases, and AAAs from japan, at best. That's it for the time being. If that's not good enough for you, sell your vita, shove it up your ass, or do whatever the fuck you want with it, just stop posting your tired ass petition for western AAA titles on every comment section for games that we may be actually looking forward to. You are not helping the system by repeating the same tired line over and over, it depressing and creates even more negative energy. Either participate in the positive discussion of the games that we DO get, or shut.the.fuck.up!!

MightyMax said...

Amen Brother

jordan nakach said...

I agree with Orpheus, Why should we get fucked over by sony and their indie games. Most people bought the vita for the great console experience we were promised but instead got crappy indies titles. It's people like you who give up and try to adapt to getting screwed over by sony that is making them not give a shit about releasing good games.If sheep like you buy the indies, they will stick to that because not only are you buying, but it is far more cheaper than releasing AAA games.

Sebeastly said...

Ok...and how does ranting on game sites accomplish that?? AAA western titles are not coming because Vita is selling 2000 units a week in North America, pure and simple. How do you get those numbers up? Apparently by bitching that the platform sucks. Even Sony first party studios have to show a return on time invested, which means that strong markets get good games. Currently that's Japan. I want the best gaming experience I can get, I love big titles as much as everyone else, but boycotting the platform in public forums will not bring us closer to getting them. The only chance the vita has is to grow and the only ones helping are the indies, and they deserve a fair shot at getting their games out there. Truth is, you just want to rant, and vent, and this is not the place for that. Go to the PS blog and let them know how you feel, I'm here to check out games not to listen to tantrums.

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