Sony President Explains Why PS Vita Wasn't Mentioned at Gamescom

Sony Presdient Shuhei Yoshida in an interview with Eurogamer discusses why it seems like PS Vita is getting no support from Sony.............

Many of us were disappointed by Sony's lack of support for the PS Vita at Gamescom 2014. Eurogamer sat down with the President of Sony in an exclusive interview.

During the press conference there was no mention of the Vita. I'm sure you've seen the reaction from some about that.

Shuhei Yoshida: There's a campaign. I get the same exact text from many people. They're disappointed. They wanted to hear some new news about PS Vita.

So why did you not talk about Vita during the press conference?

Shuhei Yoshida: This is not the first time. E3... We've been focusing on talking about new titles on PS4. We do not want to extend the press conference for too long, and we had to limit the number of titles we put in the conference. You realise some of the new updated, that we believe are great titles of our titles had to be pushed out into a pre-show, like Bloodborne, The Order and LittleBigPlanet 3.

We are pretty happy with games coming out on PS Vita and the games that are in the pipeline. PS Vita gamers are pretty core, dedicated gamers. They seek information, so we trust them to find out about the games coming out on PS Vita.

The perception, though, when you don't talk about it during the press conference is Sony doesn't care about Vita any more.

Shuhei Yoshida: We totally understand why people are saying this. We hear that and we feel the pain of these people, even though if the same person sends the same tweet multiple times I block them. Not because I don't like the message, but just the way some of the people are sending it.

Shahid [Kamal Ahmad, PlayStation strategic content chief] got a lot of messages on Twitter about it.

Shuhei Yoshida: What I respect about Shahid is he tried to address it. He's so proud of the titles that are coming out on Vita. I'm excited. I can't keep up with the great games I have on PS Vita. I'm working on Metrico. It's a beautiful game but very hard. I'm still working on my character level on Rogue Legacy. It's a great game. This week Hohokum is coming out on PS Vita. And Minecraft hopefully coming out soon. So many games coming out. And we have from our studios in Japan, Freedom Wars, which is a great game selling well in Japan. Initially we were planning to release it digital only in Europe, but lots of European customers asked for the physical release, so SCE Europe decided to do that. I am happy we're able to respond to people's request like that.

So, we'll continue to have conversations with consumers. It's our intent to support PS Vita as well.

Personally we at PSVitaHub think its time Sony stopped pushing the PS Vita to the side and began actually focusing on the console. It's fan base is barely growing because Sony keeps forcing fans to find out news themselves. You need to convince gamers to purchase the console with AAA titles, sure we love indies but we want more. ( I will be writing up a full editorial on this topic soon, so stay tuned)

What do you think of the future of the PS Vita in the comments below!


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