PSVitaHub Is Hiring More Writers!

We are now hiring more writers, more details inside One to cover general writing and one to cover Japanese games.......

Since I have been struggling with posting every bit of PS Vita news on the site I have decided its time to hire a writer to help with additional posts, the requirements for writers are below:
  • English grammar, spelling and punctuation must be top notch
  • Japanese writers with past experience or passion for writing will be hired instantly!
  • Must be able to write and update the site daily
  • Must post multiple posts daily if there is a variety of news
  • Must have some sort of past experience with gaming media/website publishing (not 100% necessary)
  • Must be a gamer and PS Vita fan :)

We are looking to hire one general writer and one writer who can focus on Japanese PS Vita titles.

If you qualify please email us at with a small paragraph explaining why we should hire you, past experience, and a CV/Resume if possible. And this is not a paid position however there are some benefits such as being able to reach a huge audience, I will also promote your own blog or Twitter account etc....And goodies from gaming companies will occasionally be sent out to you. Writing for a huge gaming blog is also great experience to anybody who wants to work in a similar field.

So send all your application to now! :)

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