My Singing Monsters Review for the Vita

You what's a really fun and addictive free to play game on the Vita? Yeah, I didn't think it would be at first, but read the review to hear why!

I fired up this free title the other day with very little expectation. I mean, how could someone play a game where you raise and breed monsters just to hear them sing? Well, 7 days later I'm figuring out feeding schedules with my kids so we can check on the newly hatched monsters to see what we got. They're renaming our dudes, we're clearing the monster island so we can build bigger structures, and we're trying to make the monsters happy.

Now, I'm planning to play this game entirely for free, but if you want, you can drop lots of money on coins, food, and gems for your raising. The game claims you can get all the monsters for free, and I'm going to test that! What's nice is that there are no ads or pushy things to get you to actually spend real  money. 

So far I haven't had the urge or need to buy anything! I can see how some people might get impatient with the game, but I don't mind the delayed gratification of some upfront time and discovery.

The game is broken into several areas with a little memory game added in to earn some hard to come by gems. First, you are given a monster and he starts banging his head to the beat. You then learn that he needs to become happy and level up to earn you some money to fund your raising of the monsters. 

You can clear out the island you start with (it all takes time and money to do so), so you can arrange new paths and decorations. So start breeding new monsters to start earning more coins! Beware! The songs add more parts as you get new guys, but it is extremely catchy and you'll be humming the tune as you do whatever. It is always fun to breed a rare monster and then add it to your group and hear its part!

You can bakeries to produce the food to level up your monsters (they make more money that way, and you can eventually drop them to new islands when they get high enough! No, I haven't gotten there yet but the Gold Island looks shiny!

We just unlocked a super rare monster and it was a pretty big deal. I have to keep reminding my kids these guys aren't real and we don't have to check them all the time... but man they would if I let them! This could be a cool way to connect with a little kid if you need some couch time together. 

Ok, the shots at the end of that video with the whole bands together? That's going to take a lot of time and coins to get there... but some people might take that time or bite!

You might like this game if: 
  • caring for an island of musical dudes sounds fun
  • you don't want to spend any $ on a game and not be pushed into it
  • you have kids... trust me they'll love the daily check ins. Mine do. 
You might not like this if: 
  • you only play AAA titles and games not already out on phones and tablets
  • you need to get quick results in a game (unless you want to drop $ to speed things up!)

Yes, the game has been out as a mobile game, but here it is for free on the Vita. It's worth a shot! Readers, have you tried this yet? 

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