August 16, 2014

Here's a Minecraft Trailer from Gamescom for the Vita

Still no word on an exact release date yet, but here's some video to help with the wait. 

Is it worth it to you to get this on the Vita? Let us know below!


Abdaluzez said...

Minecraft Vita will be the ulitmute minecraft experience and sony didn't care to announce a bundle, AT LEAST UGH!!!!!!

Minecraft Vita Edition FTW said...

Yeah , you would think they would do a Minecraft Vita bundle , or at
least bundle it with the PS TV instead of The Lego Movie Video Game, or
both. I'm not sure what Sony is thinking.

tonyp1987 said...

I stopped playing mineceaft on ps3 so I can play it on vita I don't know why every game I have I would rather play it on vita than console

Jean-pierre Washington said...

sony really needs to advertise their games

Davala said...

Me too! I think it's because it is so convenient, it looks AWESOME on the vita, you can pause the game and continue whenever... it's perfect and I wish others would see that!

tonyp1987 said...

I have a question? Are you looking for ps vita news writers?

Johnnie said...

Well, it could be in the works but with no real firm release schedule, it would be hard to announce a bundle.

That being said, if they don't announce a bundle at all then that is a HUGE missed opportunity.

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