Crimsonland Review for PS Vita

Yes, this image for Crimsonland looks like a Doom tribute, but the gameplay is pretty different. Check out the review:

10tons brings the Vita a top down mayhem shooter that is as addictive as it is splattery. It is chock full of game modes to keep you blasting space zombies to gain the leaderboard spots.

The game isn't terribly pretty to look at. The environments are bland and the enemies aren't built for looking at. Considering you get hundreds on screen at a time to wipe out, the game isn't banking on graphics to pull you in. It is the game play that will do that. 

There are 2 main modes that you start out with, Quests and Survival. I recommend starting out with the Quests since there you will unlock the Perks and Weapons that you will use in Survival. 

Quests just means levels to blast through. You won't be sent on a mission to get someone's missing key, just a level on one of the 6 main chapters. You encounter different types of aliens along the way, and they pretty much act all the same but look a little different. Yes, some will shoot at you eventually, bases will spawn new aliens, and some bosses "split" as you battle them, but they all amble at you tirelessly. Aliens, zombies, spiders, beetles, lizards... who knows where they come from but it is your job to blast them all. 

I often found that if I got stuck on a level for a while, sometimes it just needs the right weapon drop to give you the advantage. I am partial to the multi blast swarming rocket launcher. 

Controls are simple. Right stick to move, left to aim, right trigger to shoot, and left to reload. Bam. You can touch the screen to fire more precisely, but I only found that useful in some precision rounds. As you progress through a level, killing aliens makes them drop weapons (that have infinite ammo) and Power ups. (slow down time, plasma blasts, Nukes, freezes)

keep at it and you'll unlock an arsenal!

With the amount of critters on screen you might worry that the framerate might grind to a halt, but you don't see ANY of that not matter what the number. 


The game really starts to get good as you hit up the Survival Mode. There you can choose other modes that restrict your weapons to limited ammo so you have to grab a new one when it runs dry, some where you only have power ups, and others that let you use your Perks you enable as you Quest. When you "Level up," you get to choose a random perk. These range from poisoning the enemy, to making yourself radioactive, to XP boosts. Lots of fun choices to keep the gameplay interesting. 

Verdict: 8/10
A blasting good time with tons of modes and weapons and perks to keep you coming back for more. 

So, readers, what do you think? Thinking about picking up this one? Let us know below!

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