Mousecraft Review for PS Vita

Ready for a cheesy adventure? It's nothing like Minecraft, but a bit like Tetris and Lemmings. Read on for our review...

The Vita really has a good selection of genres to choose from, and puzzle games aplenty. So should you pick this one up by the good folks at Curve Studios?

The premise behind the game is that you are a mad scientist cat trying to lead his mice to cheese in the name of science. You then use a variety of piece to drop onto the screen, rotate a la Tetris to get them configure a pathway for the mice. Along the way, maps get tougher to maneuver as you have to think about arranging all the different pieces at different times as the mice begin their march to the finish line.

The game starts simple enough, but you soon are reconfiguring pieces, figuring out how to stack them, attempting to collect all the extra gems on the screen for that completionist feeling... It leads to a pretty good challenge!

Collect bombs along the way so you can clear pathways, avoid mecha-mice that wreck your three mice (or smash them with pieces).

There is a bit of variety in the game, and the game does a nice job of taking these basic pieces and making the levels progressively more challenging.

There is a level editor for those people who like to create. The only downfall with this function is that you can't share them online. They can only be saved and played on the host system.

Sounds and graphics look bright and sharp on the Vita, and you can use the touchscreen to move and rotate pieces onto the levels. Nice touch! (Literally...)

The game is cross buy on the Playstation 4, PS3,  and Vita, but with a $15 entrance fee, that may be a little steep for some.


Last words: Mousecraft is a clever puzzler with a good level of challenge. I'd like to have seen the level editor be able to share my creations with the world, and I'd like a dip in the price for a puzzle game. Pretty gouda game though.

Thanks Curve Studios and Crunching Koalas for the review code!

What do you think of puzzle games, readers? What is your favorite on the Vita, and have you played this one?

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