Ken Levine Comments on BioShock PS Vita "Sony were more optimistic in 2011"

Ken Levine the creator of BioShock recently commented on BioShock PS Vita's gameplay and why it's still not here yet..........

Unfortunately Ken Levine stated on Twitter that Sony and 2K games struggled to put a deal together and BioShock PS Vita is still in limbo, he also revealed that in 2011 Sony were far more optimistic about the game, this could probably be explained by Sony's focus on indie games on PS Vita in 2014.

However the situation is not all bad Ken still expressed his affection for his PS Vita and "wishes he could do it himself"

The game was apparently going to be a "Final Fantasy Tactics style thing set in pre-fall Rapture." essentially a turn based game that "would work well on the PS Vita"

Ken also said he hopes for a BioShock Infinite GOTY edition on PS Vita but again he states its not his decision.

Personally its frustrating to read that Sony have lost interest on BioShock PS Vita and that they were more optimistic in 2011, any chance to bring a massive AAA franchise to the PS Vita should never be avoided. Indie games are fun to play but they need to be accompanied by AAA titles every now and then.

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