Deadpool Zen Pinball Review for PS Vita

Wise cracking Merc with a Mouth Deadpool makes his way to the Zen Pinball series. See if you should flip out and read on......

Zen Studios, well known by now for its impressive list of pinball games over a variety of systems. Have you had a chance to play them yet? From Marvel to Star Wars, to Football and Zombies, they've tracked down a lot of different genres.

Here Nolan North gives his voice to the merc in a table that needs a lot of time to get the most out of it. Nolan does a great job interacting with the players in typical breaking the fourth wall fashion. But unless you're a big Deadpool fan I feel you will soon tire of his one liners.

Great design!
Controls are as always spot on, you can adjust camera angles and such, so there isn't much different in the technical aspect of the game from others I've played. However, the fun factor isn't really in this one as much as I have had with others. Maybe I need to play more and figure out all the combos, but the table wasn't really that exciting.

Maybe it is the difficulty level of this table that thwarts me. Maybe it is when you play these mini sessions that aren't really that engaging. Not sure, but there's something not as good as other tables I've played.


You'll like the classical pinball feel to the table. You'll appreciate all the design appeal to it. You just might not want to stay as long as you have for other tables. But for $3, you've got a great game.

What do you think, readers? Are you ready to try out Deadpool?

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