Sparkle 2 Review for PS Vita and PS4

Jonesing for a match three type puzzle on your Vita or PS4? Check out our review to see if this is right for you.

Sparkle 2 is a puzzle game with an adventure backdrop to it. The premise of the game is that you are entering a mystical land and seeking out some keys. The narration is well done, the music is epic... it feels like if Trine had a puzzle side game, this would be it.

How does the puzzle factor work out? You run a marble cannon in the middle of the screen and fire out different colored orbs at the ever encroaching lines of marbles. Match up at least three same colored ones and then those disappear. Simple, right? 

The variation in the game and levels comes from the paths the orbs take, the number of paths, the various upgrades you can put on your cannon... yes the puzzles get faster as you get to higher levels and that challenges you, but the upgrade function is what will keep you playing, as well as knowing there is an end in sight. The mystery of getting all the keys awaits you!

As you finish the game, you unlock more fiendish difficulty levels, as well as challenge levels. These are the "play as long as you can" types, and rate you on a 5 point scale. Perfect for completionists and trophy hounds. This is good, because as I played through the normal difficulty level, I don't think I lost a level until the 54th level. So if you rock at puzzle games the real challenge will come later on. 

The price is nice! $8 gets you the PS4 and Vita versions, a la cross buy. 

Which version is best? I didn't try out the PS4 version, but from what I've played on the Vita I would certainly miss the touch controls. The accuracy you have by just pointing to where you want to shoot can't be beat. Also, the puzzle games work great on the go, which is what the Vita is all about. 


A fun adventure themed puzzle game that will keep you challenged for a while. 

Check out the trailer to see what you think!

Let us know below in the comments if you played this already, or want to pick it up!

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