Minecraft Creator Working On PS Vita Game?

Notch the infamous creator of Minecraft seems to be working on a PS Vita game or something PS Vita related.........

A couple days ago Minecraft creator Markus Persson "Notch" tweeted an image of a PS Vita running something he has been developing, initially we ignored this because it appeared to be Minecraft PS Vita.

However Notch is not working on Minecraft PS Vita, development is being handled by 4JStudios. So whatever he is working on evidence suggests its not Minecraft. This next tweet suggests that a gameplay reveal may not be too far off.

Remember that this is just speculation, nothing is confirmed and Notch could simply just be experimenting with PS Vita development which is still good to see.

Notch also tweeted this image. The image looks similar to the one above and could be taken from whatever PS Vita project he is experimenting with.

Let us know what you think he is working on in the comments below! Analyse the picture, what can you see?

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