Drifter for PS4 and PS Vita

A new space adventure game was announced on the US PS Blog. Remember the good old days of Privateer? Those days are returning! 

I'm a sucker for space flight games. I loved Wing Commander, X Wing, Tie Fighter, and even Colony Wars on the PS1. Open mission completion was something I loved. Yes you have a mission, but how you completed it was up to you.

Drifter is a new game for the PS4 and Vita (out by the end of 2014) that was clearly inspired by some of the later space flight games of the 90s where trading missions ran rampant. Privateer had you start off with a minimalist ship and then you picked up jobs and trade routes to make some cash to upgrade your ship. Check out the Drifter video below to see what you think. 

Let us know if you'd play this game on the Vita/PS4

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