Starlight Inception Release Date Set for PS Vita

Ready to engage in some epic space battles on your Vita? Not too long to wait now...

The beta for Starlight Inception back in late 2013 was fraught with some issues, but was indeed a great reminder to me how much I actually loved the old X Wing/Tie Fighter and Wing Commander games of yore.

From the Developer's Kickstarter and FB pages:
"We are proud to announce the release date for Starlight Inception PlayStation Vita and Starlight Inception Steam Full Release.

Starlight Inception is a digital download available in English, as well as subtitled versions in French, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish. The PlayStation Vita release is set to launch on April 22nd in Sony North America territories and on April 23rd in Sony European territories. 

Starlight Inception is already available via Early Access on Steam, but April 22nd will see a full release version.

Kindest regards,
Garry, Melissa and the Starlight Inception Team"

Price point? Digital release only? We'll share the details when they arrive. Comment below if you tried the beta and what you thought about it!

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