Sony Announce PS Vita Smartphone "iPS Vita Galaxy S5"

Sony have confirmed that due to competition from the smartphone market, Sony will launch the "iPS Vita Galaxy S5" a Playstation Vita Smartphone..........

Smartphone gaming has risen massively over the past few years and Sony is aware of that. Tough competition from Apple and Samsung have caused Sony to announce the "iPS Vita Galaxy S5"

Why the name "iPS Vita Galaxy S5" well Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai elaborated on the decision:

"We are aiming for familiarity, people will see the name and think of the current smartphones but with a Playstation twist.

The smartphone will feature a quad core processor and 128GB worth of internal memory. The screen is a 1280x720 LCD display that will support a battery life of over 35 minutes. Some internal testing revealed that with low use the iPS Vita Galaxy S5 can last over 35 minutes and 12 seconds, Sony confirm the high battery life is due to the massive 3000mA battery.

Right now only Facebook games have been confirmed as a launch title for the system, Farmville will be making an appearance alongside Angry Birds. Kazuo Hirai was then asked about the entire concept and hardcore games that will be revealed for the system:

"Right now the only post-launch game confirmed for the iPS Vita Galaxy S5 is Ridge Racer, I will happily present the game at E3 2014 this year. Future games include "Angry Uncharted Birds" Its your classic  Angry Birds meets Uncharted spin off."

Prices begin at $450, Sony has hinted at retail bundles for the system however nothing is confirmed at the moment.

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Images taken from artist Hirotaka Matsui:

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