Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Out Today for PS3 and PS Vita

Ready to slay some giants with some friends? Maybe Ragnarok Odyssey Ace is for you. 

The original game, Ragnarok Odyssey, has been greatly modified for the Ace version. ACE is a massively expanded version of the original Ragnarok Odyssey, with enough new content to make it about twice the size. The most prominent new feature is a 400-story tower, with enough monsters and new story content to fill it; you’ll see that once you reach the original game’s ending, which is now the new game’s midpoint. Throughout the game, you’ll also discover new character skills, new weapon types, new NPC sidekicks, and a slew of other new features and conveniences.

There are also a lot of skins DLC (some free for previous players), and word of upcoming patches to the game, specifically some new server-based quests, daily login bonuses, leaderboards, a new boss rush mode called Prison of the Gods, and a variety of other features, most of which will be accessible from the Norn Exchange in-game.

The game is available in digital or physical forms, and is cross save and cross play. (NOT cross buy). 
PS3 ($39.99) and PS Vita ($34.99 for digital, $39.99 for the first print-run Launch Edition physical version — which includes a nice soundtrack CD).

Are you going to tackle this one? Let us know below.

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