Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Huge Update

Playstation's mascot brawler receives a huge update on character balance issues. Check out the trailer. 

On the US PS Blog today, some info was posted on a PSABR update, and also a tournament where you could win a PS4!

Some character and map DLC are on sale now, too, for $2. You could get Isaac Clarke from Dead Space and Zeus, lightning god as well as a cool Graveyard location... a mash up of Medieval and Unfinished Swan. I might pick it up to see what the Swan is all about. I also wanted to be able to use a set of plasma cutters in a fight and this might be my only chance. 

Do you still play this game? Does any of this interest you? The game is super cheap for a cross buy title. $18 on the PS Store. I'm sure we'll see the price shoot down too. It does so at various sales. 

Who is your favorite character to battle with? Let us know below? Mine? Kick, punch, it's all in your mind!

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