March 06, 2014

Super League Football Review for the PS Vita


Zen Studios, famous for its excellent and diverse pinball series, recently released Super League Football for the Zen Pinball tables (that's "soccer" to the US, not the US football that doesn't really use your feet). But how does it play, and should you download a table?

If you've played any of the series (I'm a fan of the Star Wars tables) then you'll instantly know to expect glitter and solid gameplay. Super League Football (SLF) doesn't let you down in that respect. If you want, give the game a try and download a demo or two of any from the series. 

The upper board. More work before reduces the defense!
Similar to other tables, there are other "levels" to reach beyond the main board. This game is clearly set around scoring goals, and from the opening sport announcers welcoming you to play you feel like you're actually in a competitive sport event. 

Part of the difficulty of creating a pinball game based on a sport or a movie is to try to make it feel like you are in that specific genre while still batting around a pinball with your flippers. SLF does this really well. As you roll the ball around (textured like a football), you start to feel the crowd cheering as you string together combos, and then as you advance to the upper board you feel the urgency to shoot on goal and score. Combos, like hitting a successful "One/Two" move, will make the crowd cheer louder, but also help you offensively. The upper board will have fewer defenders on it if you hit the combos first... thus making it easy to score. 

Different DLC show different team members and team colors
You play 45 minute halves (at a sped up rate, so you won't be there for 90 minutes), but don't expect to play the whole thing. When you lose enough, the ref "calls the game." 

Here's the deal: Each team costs $3 to download. You don't have access to all 8 teams. So choose wisely. AC Milan, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and a Zen choice team, just to name a few. The boards are the same, the skins for the tables are different. 

Verdict: 8/10
Easy to pick up gameplay is perfect on the Vita. You'll feel like you're on a team playing the game technically and working towards that elusive goal. 
You'll like this game if you: 
  • are a pinball and football fan: gameplay is addictive!
  • enjoy easy pick up and play games on the Vita
You might not like: 
  • the $3 per each team purchase

What is your favorite Zen table to play? Have you tried Super League Football?


Vita Killer said...

Really? Soccer? These are the sort of games Vita fans are looking forward to? Yeah, glad I got rid of my system. What's next? If this any indication, then it's clearly nothing impressive.

Gavain McDonald said...

This is a game that would be great on a tablet or smart phone ... which is not the market Sony needs to be gunning for with the PS Vita. There are a lot of great games for the system now and I am encouraged by some of the titles in the pipeline (I know the GOW Collection is PS2 games, but I'm still pumped to play them on Vita). Vita was conceptualized and developed just before the rise of smart phones and tablets as gaming devices, and that has created a struggle, but Sony isn't going to win that fight, because people aren't making a choice between the Vita and an iPhone. They are making the choice between the Vita and the 3DS, or the Vita and nothing. I still play these kinds of games on my phone, but I look to the Vita for a more immersive gaming experience. I want to play console quality games on my Vita, not smart phone games. The sooner Sony decides it wants to be that solution for me, the sooner this market will develop for real for them.

alex27 said...

What is botzone?

mat said...

Yes, the one ting mercenary was missing : an endless game mode to for quick 5 minute gaming. I started to like declassified more and more quz it does have endless bot matches (still crappy..). Hope you dont need wifi for it ..

Vita Killer said...

Getting people to realize just how pathetic the Vita is is productive. See I like my fellow Americans, and so I see it as a favor to try and get them to realize when their investing in something worthless. Message to all Vita fans and owners, get rid of your systems while they still have value. Keep it, and in about a year's time, it'll be unsellable and essentially a $200 paperweight. I'm only out to alert people that the Vita is soon to be a memory. An ugly eyesore in the world of gaming. An epic failure, comparable to what happened with the PSP Go (anyone willing to defend that is clearly a PlayStation fanboy). The Vita is clearly heading down that same path. And will soon be completely worthless.

Thatguy387 said...

I see we have a nintendo/microsoft fanboy o_0 hmmmmmmm

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