March 04, 2014

Fez Coming to PS Vita at End of March

Get ready to play Fez on the Playstation console of your choice soon!

On March 25th in NA you get to play Fez for $10 or $13 depending if you have PS+ or not. Have you played the game already? It looks like a cool 2D/3D puzzle adventure game. Not sure what the storyline is, but the gameplay looks intriguing.
Screenshots don't do the game justice. To see the world "pivot" in 3D is just cool!
From what I read, it doesn't appear to have any extra features in the Playstation versions  of the game. Cross buy between the PS4, PS3 and Vita appears to be a thing... according to the Spring Fever Sale page from the US PS Blog. 

What do you think? Are you going to pick this one up?


gsrgsags said...

Thats pretty awasome.
Fez is a great game, and I think it only make sense for it to be mobile(and not to mention on the consoles).

Vita Killer said...

The Vita sucks!!! Let's get something clear. I used to be both a big fan and owner of the Vita. So why the sudden change? Well it really wasn't all that sudden, just like the Vita's success has been going up and down, so has my liking of it. But guess what? The Vita has long since evolved into something other than what it started out to be. It started as a handheld system with console quality features. Now it's evolved into a mostly Indie system! Man, if I wanted to play Indie games I'd just pull out my phone. Turning the Vita into a primarily Indie system is slowly killing it off. Wake up everyone!! The Vita as it was is long dead. Much like it's sales numbers. Sad but true.

Jonathan. said...

@Vita Killer. I disagree. I think having indie titles on this is great. There are some great big titles on the vita that aren't indies. I like them, because there something that's cheap, and entertaining to play while waiting for new AAA titles and other games. And I don't think the vita is dying out. I show it and loan it to friends, they all love it. It's like a handheld ps4. I personally like it better then ps4 tho, cuz it's handheld.. Haha. But really the main thing we need, is price drop on memory cards, and more advertising. Like commercials. Other wise, everything's fine.. I mean, with ps+ I've gotten over 20 free great games... And they always have huge sales. The vita is amazing. Have faith in it my friend. You'll see.

Melucine said...

I don't understand the complains about indie games, it's not like they are taking other game's spot.
I have heard great things about fez most probably i'll take it.
Kinda off topic, anyone knows release dates of Rogus legacy and/or The binding of Issac?

Alkaporty said...

Don't blame the independent developers, the Vita is definitely the best place to play indie games, playing games with a touchscreen only I barely call that playing.

But I know what you mean, thing is the problem isn't the indie, quite the contrarily in fact; they are supporting Vita like hell, and that's good. I don't get why you like it and then you don't, I always liked the console whatever games that may or may not come out on the system. It's a amazing device and more titles like Borderlands 2, Soul Sacrifice 2, Gravity Rush 2 have been confirmed and no doubt more will come out.

Wake up? I like the PSV man so I'm supporting as well as I can, I'm patient, it's not like I was losing money when my Vita is idle. Plus it's not that often idle since I always have something to play; Soul Sacrifice, KZ, Smart As...(actually a nice game, and it was free so), Uncharted, Wipeout, Spelunky (this game is just addicting) and man I wont count all indie games I play because there's too much and they are all great.

Alkaporty said...

Never played Fez, but it looks definitely interesting, plus it is a cross-buy over all platform; another game to play on my PS4! :D

Vita Killer said...

You're right, they're not taking the spot of other games. What they're doing is worse. It'd be bad enough to just be flooded by them, but the Vita as it was when it was first
cconceived was excellent, but now that Sony's turning it into a primarily Indie system the main kind of games were getting (regardless of how good they may be) are basically the same kind we can get on our phones. So future customers see this and wonder why they should pay $200 for a system that's best games are already readily available on their phones. Common sense then hits and they pass the Vita by. Still wonder why Indie games suck?

Vita Killer said...

Don't blame independent developers? OK, well who do I blame? Certainly not big name developers as companies like EA, Bethesda, Capcom, and other big names in gaming simply ain't putting shit out for the Vita. What's that? Borderlands 2? Perhaps you might have meant to mention Final Fantasy 10 and 10 part 2? Yeah, keep living for remakes and ports of great games that are already readily available for other consoles. The jacked up part is that the Vita has so few good games that titles like these will undoubtedly be bought out by Vita fans the moment they come out, because contrary to what most Vita fans say, their actually desperate for something even half decent to play. So even something like a port or a remake seems great to them. As to why I was back and forth in my liking of the Vita, well it simply took a moment longer than most for all this negativity to sink in, mainly because I wanted to like it and I wanted it to succeed. But I woke up and realized that not only was it not bouncing back from a sorta slump, but was only getting worse. This, plus continuing to want to like it and such was the up and down. Get a clue, the Vita HAD the potential to be great, but Sony has long since fucked that up. Just look at how people bitch about the LCD screen on the upcoming Vita slim, as oppose to the better quality OLED screen. Just another way Sony is showing they don't care about the Vita. But go ahead, continue to follow mister mindless fanboy. The only thing more pathetic than the Vita itself are those who have blind faith in it, like you.

Vita Killer said...

Oh, your right. You did first mention other big name games. Sequels for Gravity Rush and Soul Sacrifice. But rarely do sequels do well, so that ain't much to look forward to. And I agree in that Sony is to blame for not pushing big developers to get some decent games out for the Vita. You sound as though you believe that the Vita has potential still thanks in part to remote play with the PS4, is that right? Well I've followed this hub for quite a while and it seems as though many have the believe that the Vita being used for remote play with the PS4 could end up turning the Vita into a PS4 accessory. Yeah, I'm sure that's what a true Vita fan wants for the future of their beloved system. I will give you credit for highlighting that a Vita being portable makes it ideal for good ports, but when the console versions already exist, then a port isn't much. I mean why would we want 2 versions of the same game, especially with remote play? Sure there'll be a select few titles not compatible with remote play and so a port would be nice....rather more like a bonus for those who already have the system. My point? Ports and remakes are NOT system sellers, and that's exactly what the Vita needs right now. Memo to Sony, promote your product or give up on it!!

Alkaporty said...

Well I can't argue on these titles, maybe they'll just milk these series but who knows? Soul Sacrifice has an amazing feel to it; the music, voice acting, the atmosphere, online-play and gameplay mechanics are phenomenal, though the gameplay gets repetitive really fast.

Well if the PS4 boosts the Vita sells that could only leads to more studios developing on it, because more consoles being sold = a higher chance for a game to sells. So it doesn't really matter if people bought it for their PS4, if a good game will get released on it, they are most likely to buy it. And I think this is what Sony is trying to do by promoting remote-play and trying to make that feature mandatory for PS4 games, unlike with the PSP/PS3, PSP didn't need that.

Yeah man, I totally agree, ports/remake are not system sellers, though they can help people making their minds on it, but they wont attract new players. And yeah I definitely think the Vita is close to something, but this wont be achieved with indie games, no matter how great they are, people wants games that they wouldn't be able to play anywhere else like Killzone, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, etc, big titles are justifying the console. But, honestly, Sony doesn't seem to care that much about it...

Melucine said...

Lot's of indie games are great, if you don't like them it's just your opinion, but you cant deny that they are many great indies out there.
Terraria, Broken sword 5, Stick it to the man, Guacamelee!, Hotline Miami, Limbo and many others.
As for the future costumers:
a) Who pays 200 for a console without searching it first? And if they do, they will see the triple A first first, like Killzone and Uncharted.
b) People are paying 700 for iphones, do you really think they wont pay 200 for Vita, just becuase it has many indies ?

There is no logic at your reply, only hate for a machine you don't like.

Jack Sanders said...

Lol just look at your username. Nothing I say here will change your mind. So, enjoy your mobile game hahaha

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