Destiny of Spirits Out Today for PS Vita

Later today when the PS store updates are you going to pick up this social RPG? See a trailer and some other info inside.........

The US PS Blog announced a some info on their site about the impending release of Destiny of Spirits. It's a free to play PS Vita exclusive. I had a chance to play some of the beta a while back and it was pretty good! I look forward to seeing the final build to see how all the sharing of spirits works out, especially since the game is region coded. The more friends you have worldwide, the better of an opportunity to get rare spirits! Start building up your friends list...

A perk that is available at launch is the ability to get rare Playstation themed spirits. The first set includes "Knack!" How many? Hopefully a bunch of the different modes Knack can achieve (it would make sense to have different elemental powers for the Ice Knack, etc.)

Are there going to be trophies? How will the free-to-play work out? I'll give a review in the next couple days.

Are you going to pick this one up? Check out the trailer and let us know below!

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