Velocity 2X Trailer and Gameplay Highlights for PS4 and PS Vita

Some new info on Velocity 2X was released on the US PS Blog this week. Check out some of the highlights. 

Futurlab released Velocity Ultra on the Vita last year (see our review here) and now its sequel is arming up for deployment later on in 2014. According to the US PS Blog article, Futurlab is set to support the Vita as a platform:

"If you don’t have a PS Vita, we want Velocity 2X to help convince you to pick one up. Why? We absolutely love the system. Pure and simple, it’s the best handheld ever, and that’s something I hear people saying more and more as time goes on – because it’s simply true. The amount of ENLIGHTENING FUN you get from the wealth of great games on PS Vita – indie and otherwise – makes it the most worthwhile gaming investment you can make.
We’re supporting PS Vita with Velocity 2X, and we suggest you do likewise!"

This is the second developer we've heard from this month that is happy to program for the Vita. As fans of the console, this is very heartening to hear. 

Some of the highlights the development team has accomplished thus far for Velocity 2X include:

Particle explosions
Dynamic environment lighting
Environment effects such as leaves in the wind, twinkling stars etc
Light refraction
Anamorphic lens flare
Colour correction
Smooth 3D camera zoom
Screen shake & camera turbulence

All sounds good to me, I was pleased with the action on Velocity Ultra and can't wait to see the run and gun segments of it. Check out the action in the trailer: 

What do you think of this game? Did you get a chance to play Velocity Ultra? Let us know below

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