US Amazon Stocks PS Vita 64 GB Memory Cards

Ready to move up to the next level of memory card for your Vita? Or are the prices driving you away? .......

Recently I became aware that the 64 GB Vita memory card were available through the Amazon storefront. I took a gander at the price and realized I hadn't really heard much word from the Vita community about the pricing on memory cards lately.

Roughly $117 for the card there. Considering the Borderlands 2 Vita Bundle is coming out in a few months for $200 that made me rethink the pricing scheme. Now, I upgraded to the 32 GB card a while back and was happy for the change. No longer needing to shuffle around games and such. And that was an $80 sigh I let out for that thing. 

Are people happy with the pricing scheme now? Did Sony throw out a bone with price drops and make people forget about how ridiculous the prices for memory cards are? 

Let us know below what you think of the memory card pricing. Do you have a 64 GB card? How did you buy yours? 

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