Super League Football Zen Pinball US Giveaway!

Have you played any of the Zen Pinball series games? Lots of diversity on their expertly crafted tables, included some of the latest: Super League Football ("soccer" btw). Read on to win a code!......

I've had some time to play some Zen titles lately on my Vita and always really enjoy the pinball series. From the Star Wars tables, Marvel, and their original tables... all a lot of fun.

The Super League Football tables recently released on the PS Stores. I will write up a review soon, but let's start off the madness with a few code giveaways. 

The codes unlock different "skins" for the table. Here are the teams Zen Studios sent for a giveaway (there were two others I used to do my upcoming review) 

AS Roma
Arsenal FC
FC Barcelona
Liverpool FC
Real Madrid CF

Comment below if you have a US account and want to get a code! I have 6 for our readers... Share your "Soccer" knowledge with us so I can see who is a true fan. Or just tell us a soccer joke and we'll see what happens. 

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